Guess what? It's supposed to snow this weekend.

I was minding my own business being nosy on the internet and checking out the weather forecast for the week, and lo and behold, I saw this:

screenshot via
screenshot via

I am yelling out, "Ugh, snow" but I made the mistake of telling my 9-year-old child, Willow, about the coming snow just now. I am hearing loud yelling in my ear, "YAYYYYYYYYY! SNOWWWWW!"

I have yet to buy my daughter a new winter coat (she outgrew the one from last year)! I better get to stepping! Are they selling coats out in the stores yet? Good thing there is Burlington Coat Factory to the rescue, although I usually buy her coats from Target!

Okay, now that we know snow is coming our way this weekend, does this change your travel plans? Do you need to go buy some winter tires? Have you checked the coolant level in your car? Remember where your windshield scrapers are? Is it time to pull out the winter clothes, boots, hats, scarves, and ear muffs from the back of your closet? Did I mention that I don't love winter weather? I thought Yakima was supposed to be the "Palm Springs" of Washington. Where's our Palm Springs weather in the wintertime?

Earlier this month of October, our resident Snow Bird Weatherman, Brian, declared that we should mark our calendars for Nov. 5th as the date we would get "Yakima's First Snowfall". Boy, was he wrong!

Another reason why I hate winter weather: Scraping snow off the windshield whilst my fingertips are stinging from freezer burn!

Can we cancel the early October winter this year? Haven't we already suffered enough in 2020?!

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