I was in Tri-Cities over the weekend and we figured we'd grab dinner before watching our event at the Toyota Center. There were plenty of eating options in the area but we ultimately decided on Texas Roadhouse. I'm so glad we did.

One of my favorite features at any casual dining restaurant is the free food while you wait. Red Lobster has those cheddar biscuits, many restaurants offer chips and salsa. Texas Roadhouse offered these bread rolls that were super fresh but the winner of that was a cinnamon butter you use. It was divine.

The other gimmick was ever table has a bucket of peanuts. There was also a second bucket for the shells but you could also just throw them on the floor as I saw a few doing. We used the bucket, but still, a fun feature.

The food was great, lots of drinks to choose from, and I can't help to wonder how popular of a place this place would be if we had one in Yakima. Here's hoping we get one soon. In the meantime you can always hit up the one in Kennewick just up the street from the mall.

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