An angry citizen needs an angry wardrobe.

Whether he agrees with Washington State Governor Jay Inslee's approach to COVID-19 protocols or not, Yakima Graphic Artist, and proprietor of Sun Screen Printing, Tony Harris, knows his market and an opportunity when he sees it.
Who could blame him for trying to take advantage of this time we're in -- especially as a small business owner himself -- where folks that have been deemed "non-essential" are looking for anyway to maintain something of an income.

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Harris is selling t-shirts that read "Inslee Is Non-Essential" via his website for $15 apiece. They range in sizes from small to XL ($18 for 2XL) and his is accepting orders now.

He advises to anyone interested in purchasing: "Once you have placed your order, I can email you when it's ready for pick-up. Our address is 1120 Tieton Drive. You will need to come here to pick up. Also, send me your email address to Screen Print"

Tony can also be reached at or via phone by calling (509) 930-7580.

Sun Screen Printing will be happy to do a run of shirts of your choosing and can help with design, too.

Click this link to see a gallery of other custom jobs that they have created in the past.

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