I've been seeing videos pop up on my feed for the past couple years about these street vendors who would sell rolled ice cream. Basically, ice cream that has been rolled up to make a fun take on almost everyone's favorite frozen treat. So happy that we have a place in Yakima that will make rolled ice cream right in front of you.

Icy Tai recently opened up at Rainier Square on Nob Hill. I had to try it for myself. I also asked if I could film the process, which they said would be fine.

In choosing your flavor they mix it up live, add the cream and go from there. It was a pretty quick process. Took about five minutes. It was pretty cool to see it all happen in front of me.

I ordered the strawberry which involved them chopping fresh strawberries into the cream to freeze into ice cream, then adorning the cup with sliced strawberries and more. They have several other options to choose from as well as different styles of drinks like Thai tea and more. But I'm here for the ice cream.

I'll be back to try the others later.

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