Ice hockey and ice skating have been non-existent during the coronavirus pandemic and are now facing a situation that is getting dire. Can you help support the Yakima Ice Rink which, in turn, gives youngsters an opportunity to play the great sport of hockey here in the Yakima Valley through the Yakima Amateur Hockey Association?
In a recent post on their official Facebook page, the rink has asked for monetary donations to keep the rink up and running until such time that it can be re-opened to the public. The rink is run 100% by volunteers but it still takes money to ice it and keep it frozen. A page has been set up to accept donations. As of this writing, the have only recieved $1,770 of their hefty $50,000 goal.

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Their statement via the donation site:
"Want to join me in making a difference? Please donate and share.  As with many organizations, Yakima Ice Rink has taken a hard hit during this pandemic. We were unable to hold our spring fundraising tournament and at this time we are unable to hold fundraising tournaments and public skate sessions. We rely on tournaments and Public Skate to keep our doors open.   The Yakima Ice Rink is run by volunteers of the Yakima Amateur Hockey Association (YAHA). The mission of YAHA is to grow the skating community from the youth level on up providing a strong foundation and future for ice sports in the Yakima area.  YAHA is also charged with maintaining and providing a well run, safe environment for recreational enthusiasts, figure skaters, and players alike. The Yakima Ice Rink is a grassroot organization run completely by volunteers. Not a single person is paid.  More information about the Yakima Ice Rink and Yakima Amateur Hockey Association please visit our website"

Please take a moment to donate and share. Every dollar helps!

Posted by Yakima Ice Rink on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

With the advent of the NHL's newest franchise -- the Seattle Kraken -- giving folks in the Northwest a reason to invest in hockey, we may be on the cusp of cultivating a new crop of fans and players. It would be a shame if they no longer had an outlet to play and skate.

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