A couple weeks ago, we let the you know about a group who is trying to find the silver lining of the dark cloud that our valley has been under for the last couple months. The group is called the Art Awareness Project and they are wanting submissions of positivity for our city and valley from you. No matter the format, written, video, song it doesn't matter just as long as it's from the heart. Adam Worley (marketing assistant for AAP) reached out to us the other day and gave us his thanks.

Literally within the first week of your superbly put together article we had our first official submission. That is the link I share every time I need to help explaining it to anyone online and we are actually getting people to be excited about it, at least the point of sharing the link again. Literally no way I could repay the effect it's had. - Adam Worley

In times like these, it's great to step back and smell the roses, to see the wonders of the world around you. Life has us going so fast that we can forget that. Thanks to Adam & the AAP's work, it's putting the beauty back into perspective. If you missed the original story, you can read it in it's entirety below.

Pic by Adam Worley
Pic by Adam Worley

With so much hate, rage, and flat-out ugliness bombarding us non-stop, we have to remember to see the good. It may be very difficult in today's climate, especially when the news is non-stop death from Coronavirus, murder hornets, and unlawful acts and riots. If we are not careful, it is so easy to get lost in the tornado of negativity and let it effect our lives, mentally and physically. We need to remember that beauty is all around us, if we just look for it. Norman Vincent Peale once said: "Change your thoughts and you change your world." Well the Art Awareness Project here in Yakima is trying to do just that. Adam Worley (marketing assistant for AAP) reached out to us to help them get the word out. The group is asking the community to look for what is positive for them in Yakima, and submit it. Whether it's through poetry, music, storytelling, painting, art is beautiful, and Yakima is full of beauty, when we choose to see it.

I'm challenging everyone to break out of their comfort zones and really take the opportunity to tell their story and contribute the positive progression of our community and the world.

- Adam Worley

With the stay at home order in effect, it's easy for people to lose hope. This is a way to find something to focus on, and to let your creativity shine. So what can you do? It's easy, submit your art. Any art! Poetry, video, music, drawings/painting, it doesn't matter as long as it has an underlying positive message. Use the hashtag's #artawarenessproject,#catalystcrue, #powerofpositivity, #barschallenge and #pandemicpoetry with your creative ideas. You can also email your art to Adam Worley thecatalyst1285@gmail.com. If you'd like more information or other ways to help out, feel free to reach out to the Art Awareness Project via their Facebook page, or Adam's "The Catalyst" Facebook page. They plan to share the works via social media in hopes to make this idea not just a Yakima thing, but a national and world wide act. Looking for beauty in our homes and our cities can go a long way to change the world.


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