The Yakima Police Department, via its Facebook page, has put out a warning for motorists to make sure that the tinting on the windshield complies with the law.
According to the social media post, tint and/or lettering/graphics cannot extend below the AS-1 line.

What is an AS-1 line, you ask? To the Google machine!


According to, the RCW in our state says:
"The maximum level of film sunscreening material to be applied to any window, except the windshield, must have a total reflectance of 35% or less, and a light transmission of 24% or more. Installation of more than a single sheet of film sunscreening material to any window is prohibited.

A greater degree of light reduction is permitted on all windows and the top 6 inches of windshields operated by or carrying as a passenger a person who possesses a written medical exemption from a licensed physician.

A greater degree of light reduction is permitted on the top 6-inch area of a vehicle’s windshield as long as the product is transparent and does not extend into the AS-1 portion of the windshield. Clear film sunscreening material that reduces or eliminates ultraviolet light may be applied to the windshield.

The following types of film sunscreening material are not permitted: mirror finish products; red, gold, yellow, or black material; or film sunscreening material that is in liquid preapplication form and brushed or sprayed on.

Sunscreening devices may be applied to any window behind the driver as long the device reduces the driver’s field of vision uniformly and by no more than 50%. If sunscreening devices are applied to the rear window, the vehicle must be equipped with outside rearview mirrors on both the left and right."

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