The flu is making a lot of people sick in the state of Washington and it's killing others. Officials at the Yakima Health District are reporting the first flu death for the county this flu season. They say the person was over 65-years-old but no name has been released. Health officials say they've seen flu activity increase since mid-September but the area is also seeing a large number of cases of RSV as well.

State officials say the flu is hitting the state hard this year

Statewide the flu is spreading "at a high rate" with more deaths than are usually recorded at this time in the flu season. 40 people statewide have died including three children.
Yakima Health District officials say the increase in flu activity and deaths means it's just that much more important to get a flu shot and stay healthy.

Health officials urge you to get the flu shot

A press release from the Yakima Health District says "Everyone six months of age and older is recommended to receive an annual flu vaccine. Young children, pregnant women, those with underlying health conditions, and people age65and older are at high risk for flu-related complications. The flu is a highly contagious disease that can cause mild to severe illness, and lead to hospitalization and death-even in healthy, young people. Getting a flu vaccine reduces the chances of getting the flu, and it can be safely given at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine."
You can find a flu shot at many locations in the community including grocery stores and pharmacies.

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