When I was in high school in the mid-90s, Taco Bell was my favorite place to eat. One of the obvious reasons is that it was one place I could afford, but it was also because they had something called the chili-cheese burrito. These have been off the menu at our Yakima Taco Bells for years and, as I've learned, not too many Taco Bells have them anymore, either. This needs to change.

Taco Bell, if you can hear my plea, please bring back chili cheese burritos!

I was first introduced to them as Yakima got it's first Taco Bell restaurants in the early 90s. On the menu they were listed as Chilitos. This name didn't last long as I don't think the corporate team knew that the word Chilito was slang for something else. Whatever you do, don't Urban Dictionary that word.

I would order two or three of these at a time and I'd be good to go. They seemed larger than the standard burrito, too. To me, they were perfect.

Then, one day, without caution, they were gone.

As I mourned my loss I went about my life. After high school, I started working full-time, I got married and had three beautiful children. I had relocated out of my hometown of Yakima, Washington to Casper, Wyoming that also had a couple of Taco Bell restaurants. That's when something caught my eye on the menu. And old friend. Something I didn't think I'd ever see ever again.

Yes, indeed. The Taco Bell restaurants in Casper still serve chili-cheese burritos and they were exactly the same as I remember.

Though I didn't live in Casper very long, it was enough to teach me that there's still a chance we can get these on the menu back in Yakima. So please, Taco Bell, as everyone is reliving their youth by 90s fashions coming back in style, Jem is about to be a theatrical movie, the Nintendo World Championships are about to happen this summer, please put the chili-cheese burrito back on the menu.

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