My wife recently informed me that the timing of the lights on Nob Hill Blvd and 32nd Ave is not very nice.

In other words, last night, my wife gripped for 20 minutes about how one way of traffic could flow forever, but when it was her direction's turn, only 2 cars could get out, and she had to sit and be angry for over 10 minutes.

Maybe my wife was exaggerating, but I was not. That did lead me to ask our listeners and readers which lights in Yakima had the crappiest of timings.

The initial question was which was the shortest. If it's short for you, it's going to be long for the other way around.

people in cars upset at traffic light
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We got quite the response from our audience.

"I've heard from multiple newcomers to Yakima that we have the shortest yellow light durations" – Matt Garcia.

"The shortest one is the one 'I'm sitting at.' There's always that guy in the front who waits 10 seconds while he's messing around on his phone." – D Kyle Adkins.

Some of the more comical answers to our question:

traffic light with words

"I think they are all the same height." – Mike Holtzinger.

"I stop, check for traffic, and then go. All lights are the same for me if I'm in the pole position: short. Y'all wait at the red lights when there's no traffic?" - Damian E.

So, out of all the submissions of lights that are too short or long in the wrong direction, one intersection was mentioned more than others.

The Intersection at Tieton and 16th Ave.!

Intersection in Yakima, WA
Google Maps

Some of our respondents not only named that intersection but also expressed why they hate it!

"It only allows 1 to 2 cars before it sits on 4 cycles on red" – Bobby Mendoza Jr.

"The lanes are bigger now, but you wait your turn for 5+ min. I avoid it daily!" – David James.

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"23 seconds! Maximum 10 cars. Been stuck there too many times!" – Cyndy Swaim Nelson.

The 2 other most hated intersections were:

24th Ave. and Nob Hill Blvd in Yakima.

Intersection in Yakima Washington
Google Maps

West Valley Mall Blvd and Main Street in Union Gap.

Intersection in Yakima Washington
Google Maps

What intersection do you avoid like the plague when you're out and about? Tap the App and let us know!

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