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94.5 KATS has your chance to get rid of your crap AND make some money! 

Back before the days before E-bay, Craig’s List and the like, people used to sell their s--t in their front yard on the weekends.  A few pieces of masking tape plus a magic marker and - voila`! - instant price tags!
A couple of cardboard boxes nailed to a phone pole = instant advertising! 

Problem was, nobody showed-up to see your wares and you ended up leaving it on the street corner for the garbage man to dispose of.  Still poor, and now a disgraced member of your neighborhood.

Those days are gone!  Get your spring cleaning done, clear out the garage and haul your junk to Perry Tech (24th & Washington-across from airport) on Saturday, May 12th and take part in Central Washington’s BIGGEST Yard Sale

Last year, over 2,000 people attended, so you’ll surely find some poor shlub to unload your “Mr. Coffee” (circa-1976 still in box) onto!

Space is limited!  Reserve your booth space today for just $25!
Call Sarah at 972-3461 (9-RADIO-1) and tell her that you have a metric ass-ton of brightly-colored polyester you need to get the f--k out of the closet!

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