Yard Sale season is back again, and here's a word of warning.

People are setting up their own personal flea markets in hopes of cleaning out their homes and making a quick buck at the same time.

That's all fine and dandy, but it can also be kind of gross.

Everyone knows you can find some great treasures when you visit people's makeshift rummage department store set-ups in their garages and front yards.

Whether you strike it big by finding a rare VHS tape worth its weight in gold on eBay or you buy someone's great-grandfather's jacket, which had $1,000 tucked away in an inside pocket, you never know what you can find.

You want to steer clear of a handful of items when perusing through other's goods.

Just because the old saying "one person's junk is another person's treasure" doesn't mean you should snatch it right up.

Yard Sale sign, with a woman holding her hand up saying stop.

We asked our listeners/readers what was "Something you would NEVER buy at a Yard Sale?"

The answers we received made us laugh and cringe, and we had to do a double take to ensure we read the answer correctly:

Homemade foods, CPAP machines, dentures, an actual yard, a slightly used urn! These were all suggestions, and for most "no-brainers". But there were 5 suggestions that were unanimously agreed upon.

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Curious about what to avoid at a Washington Yard Sale? Here's our list, comprised by YOU, of the Top 5 Things to Avoid at a Yard Sale!

yard sale items.

#5 - "Honeymoon Toys"

Personal massagers, romance simulators, honeymoon toys, "B.O.B" (Battery Operated Boys). BDSM equipment, etc. Even if it says "new in package", you probably want to avoid.

woman holding a massager, and a sign saying yard sale

#4 Bedding

Sheets, and bed spreads are the big ones. Mainly because of the nasty little critters known as Bed Bugs. Some people avoid clothing, blankets, and any type of soft furniture all together for the same reasons.

folded bedding, green and pink colors. Sign that says yard sale.

#3 Bathroom Toiletries

The thought that someone would sell toothbrushes and other toiletries blows my mind. Even if it is supposedly NEW, chances are, it's pretty old. We're combining combs, hair brushes, floss, water piks, toilet brushes, nose hair trimmers, nail clippers, soap, etc. Best to avoid.

bathroom toiletries with a yard sale sign

#2 Mattresses

Bed Bugs, dead skin, unidentified stains, many reasons to NOT buy a used (or even a new) mattress from a yard sale

Mattress leaning up against a house, sign saying Yard Sale.

#1 Underwear

Some people avoid buying clothing and shoes at yard sales. But it's a pretty safe bet for EVERYONE to avoid buying Underwear! You already know the reasons why!

blue and white underwear hanging from clothes line.

What do you avoid purchasing at yard sales? Tap the App and let us know!

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