Now that school's back in session, I thought I'd look at a website that calculates schools based on several criteria and ranks them from best to worst. Let's see where your school falls on the list.

Also, keep in mind that this list just goes by ranking and isn't opinionated one way or another. It only looks at things like student to teacher ratio, how many students and more. It certainly doesn't mean these are bad schools or that one school will grant your children better grades than another school.

See for yourself at

Elementary Schools

  1. Whitney
  2. Robertson
  3. Discovery Lab
  4. Nob Hill
  5. Roosevelt
  6. Gilbert
  7. Barge-Lincoln
  8. McKinley
  9. McClure
  10. Ridgeview
  11. Garfield
  12. Adams
  13. Hoover
  14. Martin Luther King Jr.

Middle Schools

  1. Wilson
  2. Franklin
  3. Washington
  4. Lewis & Clark


High Schools

  1. Davis
  2. Eisenhower
  3. Stanton

See the list for yourself as well as schools ranked for best teachers, most diverse, best for college prep and more at

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