I've lived with people who would spend all day on the computer or their phone, then go to bed, only to pull back out the phone and play on it for a few more hours. They'd wake up and just be miserable. I always thought, "Well, go out and live life IN THE REAL WORLD ..." Now a study backs up that claim, and even worse ... cellphone addiction could be a sign of depression.

Scientists at Baylor University in Texas are saying that people who are always checking their cellphones may be trying to feel better about themselves, hoping they get some new notification. Maybe a form of emotional instability.

The study explains: “Much like a variety of substance addictions, cellphone addiction may be an attempt at mood repair.” It continues, "Incessant checking of emails, sending texts, tweeting and surfing the web may act as pacifiers for the unstable individual distracting him or herself from the worries of the day and providing solace, albeit temporarily, from such concerns.”

So next time you get pissed at someone for being on their phones so much, it might be something deeper. More info can be found at The Daily Mail.