So since the Seahawks are out, I really don't have a favorite in the big game happening on Sunday. If Philadelphia wins... yay! If Kansas City wins... yay! It doesn't matter to me. But the one thing that will win no matter the game's outcome, is cellphone repair shops! You heard that right, the couple days after the Superbowl, cellphone repair shops are busier than ever!

A survey shows that smartphone repairs jump by 200% the day after the Super Bowl. I'm sure that's because of rage throwing! Lord knows I've done that  a time or two in my life. So, it might be a good idea to invest in a cellphone case, or a stronger case if you already have one and feel the need rage over sports.

If you are stronger than the case and find yourself in the need of a repair, here are the top 5 cellphone repair shops in Yakima. I can honestly say that I've only been to one of these stores. It was great, and super easy to work with. That being said, the rankings are based off of Google reviews (stars/number of reviewers).

The Best Places in Yakima For Your Cellphone Repair!

#5 - Device Repair Yakima

1108 W Lincoln Ave B in Yakima

Phone repair store front
Picture Credit: Yakima Computer Solutions & iDevice Phone Repair - Device Repair Yakima

#4 - We Fix It Phone Repair (Batteries + Bulbs)

1731 S. 1st Street in Yakima

Batteries + Bulbs Yakima, Wa
Google Maps

"Excellent service, one hour screen repair, good price, and a coupon!" - Michelle Pfau (Google Comment)

#3 - Mobicell Wireless

1112 E Nob Hill Blvd #103

Mobicell Wireless Yakima, WA
Google Maps

#2 - The Mobile Repair Shop

1008 S 3rd Ave. in Yakima

The Mobile Repair Shop Yakima, WA
Google Maps

#1 - EZ Fix Cell Phone Repair

16 N 2nd Street C in Yakima

EZ Fix Cell Phone Repair
Google Maps

Agree with our list? Who have you used? Tap the App and let us know!




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