For years many of us shopped at Albertson’s at 40th and Tieton. We’ll soon be back in the building but this time shopping for garden supplies and a whole bunch of other stuff. The new Ace Hardware is expected to open this week at 40th and Tieton. A soft opening is set to happen on Wednesday. The owners say watch for a message on the large electronic reader board on the corner of 40th and Tieton.

The new store is 30,000 square feet allowing for more products you can use

The owners of the Hometown Ace Hardware at 3700 Tieton Drive say they worked through the pandemic and dealt with supply chain issues finally opening the new store this week giving Ace Hardware a much larger space than the former store. They say the new store is 30,000 square feet with 10,000 square feet being leased to another business that would fit with the large Ace Hardware store.

Fishing and pet supply areas will be much larger than the former store

Shoppers will see a lot of big changes and a much larger store. Besides the usual favorites that you’ll find at Ace Hardware the new store will have a much larger pet supply area along with more pool chemicals and toys for kids. You’ll also find larger areas for hunting and fishing supplies. The new store has one of the largest areas for fishing supplies in the valley. No guns will be sold but they’ll be selling ammunition.

A new Ace is expected to open in Terrace Heights in 2023

While planning for the move and opening of the new store the owners say they’re also forming plans to open a new Ace Hardware Store in Terrace Heights. They’ve purchased land near the current 7-11 store. Planning is underway with an expected opening in 2023.

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