Donald Trump Is President – Are You Glad? [POLL]
I am very proud to be a United States Citizen. I am not always happy about who runs for our Commander and Chief but, I do respect the seat. We have entrusted people in our government to help us make these decisions. Donald Trump is now our President Of The United States Of America. That is that.
Yakima Mayor Micah For President
Yakima is a very lucky city.  We have, in the world, the youngest mayor that has ever been. Micah Cawley! Not only is he extremely successful at his politics of sorts, he is also an exceptional Disc Jocky with Townsquare Media. I have worked with him for a year and half now and could never be happie…
Donald Trump Tied for First Place in GOP Presidential Poll
He's gone after President Barack Obama in the last few weeks, but could real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star Donald Trump actually make it to the White House? Maybe.
According to a CNN/Opinion Research Poll released Tuesday, which asked Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who they sup…