This Is BIG News For Seahawks’ Fans
As you probably heard us talk about this week, the Seattle Seahawks released their full upcoming schedule.
You have NOT heard this news!
But it is pretty cool we think.
From the beginning, our AM News/Talk sister station KIT has brought you great coverage of Seattle Seahawks football and they will cont…
Is Eddie Lacy Beast Mode 2.0?
The transition
— Eddie Lacy (@Lil_Eazy_Ana_42) March 28, 2017
But can he make the transition to become Beast Mode 2.0?
That's essentially what John Schneider envisioned when the Seahawks general manager moved to acquire the former Green Bay Packer...
Test Of 12s With Boykin Debacle
We had the perfect backup QB for Russell Wilson in Trevone Boykin.
He was young and ready to learn, but he fit our offensive system, which is built on improvisation, so he was able to step in with limited NFL experience under his belt.
He was quick and made great decisions when he couldn't make t…
Will Seahawks Rebound In 2017? [POLL]
While the seats on the Alaska Air flight are probably not even cool yet from the return trip to Seattle following Saturday's Divisional Round playoff loss to Atlanta, the Seattle Seahawks -- and their fans -- are already looking forward to 2017.
Seahawks Cart Is The Coolest & Rare
Every where I turn there is something that screams 'Sea-Hawks!' If it is a car or a truck or even houses between Tri-Cities & Yakima, Seahawks are all around. In fact, I might have to argue that the Seahawks have better fans than the voted number one fans in the country, The Green Bay Packers. I…

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