Wow To funny on some of the stuff that goes on Craigslist! Miss comuinication, missed connections or the typical that I have been seeing "Hi I am married but wanna fool around call me"! Really? Anyways, check out some of these crazy ones I found this week off of Yakima Craigslist!

Guy with the Forod Focus. - w4m - 20 (Ellensburg_

You have a very cute, Grey Ford Focus. You know me very well actually...But we don't get to see each other very often. You are so handsome and have the best smile i've ever seen in my life! I can't wait to get to spend another weekend with you. you always seem to make me smile.

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

love always,
Girl with the White Forte Koup. xoxo

Girl at north with the mohawk (Ellensburg)

I held the door open for you and we shared a few smiles.
You had a Mohawk and red plaid on, I looked like I do in the picture.
I was stupid and didn't talk to you, but would like to.


There is tons more so go check it out! haha