Woman Begs For Money To Buy New Boobs
TheChanel, FlickrThe propensity of pan-handlers and beggars asking for money in Yakima seems to be growing.
It's a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on.  Are they legitimately homeless or hungry, or simply freeloaders who are too lazy to get a "real" job?
We may never know, but I do …
Breastfeeding In Public Or In Military Uniform (VIDEOS)
I think that it is amazing that there are woman out there that are sticking with the old school FACT that Breastfeeding is extremely good for your child. It helps the child get the nourishing that it needs to grow up healthy and strong. When breastfeeding is done in public, I do believe that people …
Yakima Craigslist Missed Conections
Wow To funny on some of the stuff that goes on Craigslist! Miss comuinication, missed connections or the typical that I have been seeing "Hi I am married but wanna fool around call me"! Really? Anyways, check out some of these crazy ones I found this week off of Yakima Craigslist..…

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