The great Ella Fitzgerald, my mother's favorite female vocalist of all time, once sang the lyric: 'Summertime and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin'........'. Ok, stop right there Ella. This raises the question, where, exactly, are the fish jumping right now? Specifically Trout in some of our nearby Washington lakes and rivers.

It concerns me that I have no clue right now where trout fishing is particularly hot, and this is a result of too much work and not enough play on my part. I'm in search of some answers from local and regional fishing enthusiasts and I'm going to get my fishing gear ready and get out on the water very soon.

Fishing Opportunities for July in South Central Washington State

Aside from talking with friends and anglers about their fishing recommendations, I always check with the Department of Fish & Wildlife website since there is a wealth of information that fishermen NEED to know, including regulations and any changes to the regulations since the booklets were printed. Ignorance is no defense, if you're caught fishing in restricted waters, using the incorrect gear, exceeding the daily catch limit, etc.

Did You Know That in Washington State, Catching A Fish Could Land You Prizes?


WDFW's lowland lake trout derby continues through Oct. 31. Anglers with an applicable 2021-22 freshwater, combination, or all-in-one Fish Washington fishing license who catch one of more than 1,000 tagged fish can claim prizes provided by license dealers located across the state. A list of lakes with prize fish and details on how to claim prizes is available at the derby website.


Trout Fishing Tips and Information About Hotspots in Central Washington

3 Tips I'd offer to anyone just getting started in fishing for freshwater trout in Washington State - would be:

  1. Get a Fishing License - It's the law, first and foremost, but it is really the way all of us can contribute to the cause equally. You certainly don't want to wind up with a fine for fishing (not just catching) without a license.
  2. Read Regulations Pamphlet - it's our responsibility to know the pertinent rules and regulations before you get out and drop your line in the water. As I mentioned above, be sure to check the WSDFW app or website for the latest information in case changes have occurred since the publication of the pamphlet.
  3. Relax and Have Fun - The fish are the only ones with any excuse to not follow this tip. My dad used to say 'that's why they call it fishing and not catching' after someone was lamenting the fact that the bite was not on. It's spending time in the great outdoors and occasionally landing that perfect fish that keeps us coming back.

Be Willing to Share Your Knowledge of Fishing in Washington with Others

If you've been out landing your fair share of trout and you don't mind sharing some of your secrets, tap the station app and message me. I'll relay all of the suggestions we receive to our on-air and online audiences. They'll thank you!

If You Think Washingtonians are Nuts About Fishing, Just Look at Some of These Fishing Fanatics From Around the World!

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