The 33rd Annual Central Washington Sportsmen Show attracted outdoor enthusiasts and their families from all over the valley! It did what it has aimed to do for the past 30+ years, introduce people to the latest and greatest of outdoor equipment and to be a place where people can meet, and share in a common interest... getting back to nature.

Whether that is hunting and fishing to playing off road or on the water, the CWSS presented by JLM Productions LLC, brought the goods.

Pic Courtesy of Brenda Hubert
Pic Courtesy of Brenda Hubert

They say that the early bird gets the worm. A phrase that praises getting an early start to the day, and accomplishing your goals. It's a great saying that speaks loads of truths, but it does have one negative attribute that no one talks about.

What if you are such an early bird, that you don't get to see all the neat stuff that the worms have set up for you!?! That is was my only bummer moment of this year's show. My family and I got there a little TOO early, and the BowSim 4-D archery Simulator from Pac Bow wasn't set up ready to. Oh well, hopefully next year.

Pic Courtesy of Brenda Hubert
Pic Courtesy of Brenda Hubert

Getting there early was great, not only for the goodie bag complete with key chains, glow sticks, Cabela's glass and other fun trinkets, but for the chance to really stop and shop at the many vendors that filled the SunDome.

2024 Central Washington Sportsmen Show!

The 33rd Annual Central Washington Sportsmen Show took place at the Yakima Valley SunDome on February 23rd through the 25th! Check out photos from the event!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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My family had a great time, especially watching the giant 30-foot, 5,000-gallon fish filled demonstration tank. That did remind us of the one thing we missed from last year's CWSS, the live animals. Oh well, maybe next year.

sportsman show promo poster. Mountains and streams, man holding a fish
JLM Productions LLC

Take a look back at last year's Central Washington Sportsmen Show!

2023 Central Washington Sportsmen Show

The Central Washington Sportsmen Show has been a yearly tradition in the Yakima Valley for the past 32 years. Take a look at the event from this past February taken from inside the Yakima Valley Sundome.

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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