I’ve had my fair share of ghost encounters. Noises I couldn’t explain: footprints on a wet floor that went straight into a wall, hearing footsteps above me when there wasn’t a 2nd floor. Having all the lights shut off unexpectedly, witnessing a face morph out of a wall and screaming at me. Oddly enough, with as much as I have driven in my life (my former job was a medical courier throughout Washington state), in my travels, I have only seen one UFO, but never a ghost.

The same cannot be said of this woman driving in Fresno, California. The anonymous KMPH Fox26 viewer was driving home from Table Mountain Casino on Friant Road.

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Around 8:50 pm on Monday, January 15th, 2024, she started recording her drive home on her cellphone because of “fog patches.” When she reviewed her recorded drive, she saw something she couldn’t explain.

In the 17-second video clip, you see a (blink and you’ll miss it) ghostly mist appear to cross the road while she’s driving, coming from the right side and moving to the oncoming traffic side of the vehicle as the woman passes it. Luckily, you get a better view of the apparition on the slower replays.

According to the original report, there have been several ghost stories surrounding Friant Road because of the vehicular fatalities in the past. One commenter stated that the video did NOT show Friant Road because there aren’t enough lanes. IF the video was recorded on that route from the casino, she might have been on Millerton Road. (which is only 2 lanes) which does change into Friant Road.


Did she really film a ghost? Was it just another light patch of fog like she claimed was the reason for driving? A plume of dirt? Trick of the light from an outside source or a bug/smear on the windshield? Tap the App and let us know your thoughts.

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