I've said it several times before, Yakima is a 'Yard Sale / Craigslist kind of town' which we use to our advantage. Who isn't looking for a great deal on anything, especially if it means you can save a few bucks. Even better is when you find something for free. There is a Free category on Craigslist. Here are some great finds from recent history.

Free Stove
Sometimes, you replace something around the house and don't need a new one. In Ellensburg, they got a new stove and were even willing to deliver their old one to you. Now that's service!

Massage School Books
Perhaps these massage school books were like an ancient scroll that once you read it, you were empowered with the massaging ability of the lords. Yeah, probably not, but since they graduated massage school, no need to reference the books anymore, I suppose.

Bagged Leaves
Maybe you have kids and are cursed with the knowledge that the leaves you have just aren't enough to play in. Or maybe you need to mulch them down for some reason. Either way, these nice people were looking for a way to pawn off their old leaves. If you had use for them, they were free.

Upright Freezer
Need a spare upright freezer to store food in? Or, if you're like my parents, batteries and other weird stuff, they had a free Sears upright freezer. What got me about this post were the words "Yes, it works. No, I don't care about your personal issues." Sounds like they've gone through this before.

Two Nanday Conures (birds)
The Nanday Conure is one of the most popular pet birds and now you can have not only one free bird that chirps in your face any time of day, but two for the low, low price of free. But, maybe you like birds and want to have your own aviary at home - go for it.

If you find any more great free finds, put them in the comments below.

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