California has been depicted in so many movies and TV shows as the place to be and for all the right reasons. If you're thinking about a chance of pace and scenery, here are 10 fabulous reasons to live out your California fantasy.

1.) You hate everyone
Let it be known that if you're a people person and a people pleaser, this place may not be the thing for you. Rude drivers, stuck-up snobs and people who won't give you the time of day? If those are your people, you're gonna fit right in.

2.) You cheer high gas prices
As the rest of the nation is struggling to make ends meet and their car is their primary source of transportation, the higher-than-average gas prices may just encourage you to drive a most cost-efficient car. But, again, since you only care about yourself the high gas prices prove your status saying you can afford $8 a gallon.

3.) You want to live in a state that has a chance of breaking off into the ocean
Why go to the beach when the beach can come to you? Sure, California is known for it's warm beaches, great resorts and beautiful sunsets, but wouldn't you like the idea of living somewhere else in California and having there be a chance that parts will break off into the ocean and, maybe, come closer to you inland? Living in a state right on San Andreas faultline there's that chance of it might happen.

4.) You have fire insurance and wanna use it
California, during the summer months, seems to almost always be on fire. People have lost their homes and their livelihoods but, again, since you only think about yourself, what's in it for you? Sure, you might lose your house and all your worldly possessions but with that insurance, you may just get a huge payday for it.

5.) You're trying to less fun things
Average rent in Los Angeles is $2,800 according to RamseyResolutions. Doesn't that sound fun? Get you live in L.A. and not have money to do literally anything? Well, it'll take all those sins away when you can't afford them. You heathen.

Anyways, if you haven't figured it out, this was all done in fun and parody. I enjoy visiting California when I can, but don't see how anyone would ever wanna move there. Well, maybe just for the convenience of finding Cactus Cooler at most stores. I love that stuff.

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Many of the included towns jump out at the casual observer as popular summer-rental spots--the Ozarks' Branson, Missouri, or Arizona's Lake Havasu--it might surprise you to dive deeper into some quality-of-life offerings beyond the beach and vacation homes. You'll likely pick up some knowledge from a wide range of Americana: one of the last remaining 1950s-style drive-ins in the Midwest; a Florida town that started as a Civil War veteran retirement area; an island boasting some of the country's top public schools and wealth-earners right in the middle of a lake between Seattle and Bellevue; and even a California town containing much more than Johnny Cash's prison blues.

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