Smoky Side Effect
The smoke from all of the wildfires in the Northwest that has enveloped much of the state, as well as the Yakima Valley, the last couple of days has had at least one positive effect - absolutely stunning sunrises and sunsets.
Why burnouts rule!
Burnouts! I love them! Our final 'Bike NIght' was one that will not be forgotten! Our KATS rig -- which needs a serious revamping -- was put to good use at Jack-Son's, though, by a couple of real bikers who know how to do burnouts even with out burnout trees! BOOM!
Ron Weasley Smokes Pot [PHOTO]
Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, got caught rockin' the ganja. He as been arrested on marijuana charges in the past so this shouldn't be too surprising. Don't worry, he's just conjuring up a relaxation spell.