WTF!?! That was my first reaction when reading the list of top breweries in the country. How do we only have 1 in the top 50? That can't be right. So much of the world's hops come from the middle of our state!

My friend pointed out the fact that just because we grow it and grow it well doesn't mean that others can't take the product and create greatness from it!

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What list am I referring to? It is The 50 Top Rated Breweries compiled by How did they come up with their findings?

"[Top Brewries] based on our weighted average formula, which effectively rates all breweries against each-other and gives weight to their beers with higher rating count. A brewery must have at least 1,000 ratings and at least 5 beers in their portfolio to qualify for this list."

In the Pacific Northwest, 4 breweries make the list. 3 in Oregon (

Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Fort George Brewery in Astoria, and Boneyard Beer in Bend) and only 1 in Washington, and since we're counting, California has 10 of the top 50.


So, which brewery in Washington claims the top spot in the state (20th overall)? According to Untapped, it is Fremont Brewing in Seattle.

"Fremont Brewing was born of our love for our home and history as well as the desire to prove that beer made with the finest local ingredients – organic when possible --, is not the wave of the future but the doorway to beer's history."
- Fremont Brewing /

Where can you go to visit the finest brewery in the country? That honor belongs to Tree House Brewing Company in Charlton, Massachusetts.


What is your favorite brewery? Agree with Untapped's list? Who would you include on it? Tap the App and let us know!

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