ROUND 4 is here and voting has started! KATS & Papa Murphy's Pizza is figuring out who is the Greatest Rocker Of All Time! It's called The G.R.O.A.T. and you get to help decide! I decided who I felt should be in my brackets, many that I picked like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Van Halen made it into the official tournament. Other bands I felt should be in there, like The Offspring, Kiss, Pantera, & "Weird Al" Yankovic did not make it. Then some bands used alternate versions, like Ozzy instead of Black Sabbath, Slipknot instead of Stone Sour, Rob Zombie instead of White Zombie. Either way, if you want to see my tournament picks, click here, but I feel the official line-up is strong! But who will win? Let's tap into the dark arts to decide!

After ROUND 1, the Magic 8-Ball got 12 out of 16 (75%). ROUND 2 the Magic 8-Ball got 6 out of 8 (75%) & looks like it'll keep the 75% going with round 3, getting 3 out of 4 correct. 3rd Round-Up is below (Winner's in bold).
AC/DC Vs. Van Halen: Magic 8-Ball predicts... Van Halen
Metallica Vs. Aerosmith: Magic 8-Ball predicts... Metallica
Ozzy Osbourne Vs. Led Zeppelin: Magic 8-Ball predicts... Led Zeppelin
Motley Crue VS. Guns N' Roses: Magic 8-Ball predicts... Guns N' Roses

How do I ask which band will win? Simple, who ever is listed first, I just ask "Will ___________ defeat ____________?" & I get the answer. So without further ado, here are the Magic 8-Ball G.R.O.A.T. picks ROUND FOUR!

AC/DC Vs. Metallica: Magic 8-Ball predicts... AC/DC

Led Zeppelin Vs. Guns N' Roses: Magic 8-Ball predicts... Guns N' Roses!

There you have it, the predictions for ROUND 4 in G.R.O.A.T. from 94.5 KATS! The final round Starts Thursday! & Don't forget, you can vote from your phone via the KATS App!


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