So now that we are all done with our different brackets, it's time I take a look back and reflect on the predictions I made using the dark arts. Yes I tempted fate, by asking the other side for their guidance, by using a piece of future predicting technology that I bought online from Mattel for around $10. The Magic 8-Ball.

First, we had The Million Dollar Bracket Challenge powered by The Yakima Steak Company. I made my predictions, going straight down the bracket lines. Top to bottom, left side, then right. west, east, south, midwest. I asked if the "top choice" would defeat the "bottom choice" for each of the brackets. Then, I went from there, you can check out the Magic 8-Ball's full bracket here. Wrapping up what my rankings are... it was not great. The 8-Ball ranked in at #73. Not the worst, but not even in the top half! I sucked, especially  compared to Todd, who came in at #34. Looking at the actual percentage, it definitely sucked dropping even lower than 2019 where it got 42% accuracy. 2021 saw the Magic 8-Ball score a 25 out of 63, i.e. 39.68%. I guess the dark arts like football more.

How did the 8-Ball rock out with the G.R.O.A.T. powered by Papa Murphy's Pizza? Better than it did in Basket Ball at least. I guess throwing up all those rock horns pleased the demons that helped predict the future. It's a little harder to gauge that win loss percentage, at least with my feeble math skills and not having already set in stone bracket to look back on, plus I started over predicting the new winners, instead of keeping my losers in each round. By the time we got to the Final 4, the 8-Ball was batting about 60%, but after failing to pick Led Zeppelin over Metallica, I'm dropping it's accuracy to 50%.

So, should I keep using the magical orb? Should I buy a new one that actually has a voice and talks to me? Should I buy the neat Super Mario Bros. version I found that is in the shape of a "? Block"? Maybe I'll just learn how to use Tarot Cards or an Ouija board and really mess things up!


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