Yes, we long for the days of live music, but there's someone out there who has gone a little deeper with that thought, creating a festival generator that will randomly provide you with a '90s festival bill. Even better, you can watch footage from all of the bands listed playing '90s festival performances live.

Take for instance this randomly generated festival, which has Daft Punk and Bob Dylan heading up a rather eclectic bill. While that may not immediately entice the hard rock and metal fans out there, you could no doubt get behind the '90s versions of Tool, Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, Bad Religion and others. By simply clicking on the band name, you might catch Tool, Rage and the Offspring all performing on the Reading Festival stage during different years.

Another randomly generated fest once again gives us Tool, this time supporting The Cure (who wouldn't love to see that?), while R.E.M. also headline along with Queens of the Stone Age, Bush, Rancid and more among the main acts on the bill.

According to the site, the randomly generated lineups are all bands that played U.K. festivals in the '90s. The headliners on the bill were all ordered by their present day popularity rating on Spotify. While most of the footage appears to be from U.K.-based festivals, we did spot Primus playing Woodstock '94. It could be very easy to go down the rabbit hole revisiting '90s festival performances and just seeing how perfect a bill can be generated.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane and get caught up in this time suck here. See what festival bills you come up with.

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