It blows my mind that once someone buys a lotto ticket they do not check it the next day. I try to buy a lotto ticket every time we get paid, just in case. When the lotto numbers come out, I watch for them.

Yup, I am that person. In the 24 hours I buy my lotto ticket and before they read the numbers, I have a list of things I am going to do. Yup, I am that person, too. New York sold a lotto ticket last year to someone at a deli. It still has not been turned in yet.  What the heck? It is worth $24 million!  I have a few friends back east, so I called them to check their "stashed in a drawer" tickets! Check them!  It am still blown away that a $24 million lotto ticket has not been claimed. Listen, if you buy one and don't care, send the dang thing to me!

I will keep track of it for you!

Do you play the lotto? Do you check your tickets the next day like I do? Tell us in the comments below!

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