A $24 Million Lotto Ticket Is Still Unclaimed
It blows my mind that once someone buys a lotto ticket they do not check it the next day. I try to buy a lotto ticket every time we get paid, just in case. When the lotto numbers come out, I watch for them.
Yup, I am that person. In the 24 hours I buy my lotto ticket and before they read the numbers,…
540 million reasons to play
The Mega Millions drawing is tonight (July 8) and it is up there pretty high -- $540 million is excellent. Heck, I would take 1/8 of that! Anyway, I bought myself a ticket. I think I will buy another one right before the drawing this evening.
Do you take cash?
It is so hard not to buy a Powerball lotto ticket when it is up to $235 million. I always dream of what I would do with that kind of money. I would make sure that all of my bills were paid first, but honestly, I would probably just go fishing every single day, everywhere, for the rest of my life. As…