I laughed so hard I cried at the following true story so I hope you get a good one out of it too.

United States Fighter Jet
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This is an American fighter jet but the following story takes place in France.

Imagine your co-workers have surprised with an outing for the day. You're taken to an airfield and you're gifted with a ride in a fighter jet! You, have never, not once, mentioned this would be a treat you'd want.

That's exactly what happened to this poor 64-year old frenchman.

He lost it. Internally. Was terrified. But he got into the fighter jet and as they climbed to 2,500 feet in the air his heart rate hit 134 to 146 beats per minute Doctors confirm.

He panicked and was searching for something to hold onto when he hit the ejector button.

skydiving couple
Digital Vision

Yup! That French gentleman flung himself out of a fighter jet with a helmet that wasn't quite on so now that's gone and he's flying towards the earth, with no experience in parachuting.

He survived and was taken the hospital for a check-up thank goodness.

I dare you to top that as a gift from your office co-workers.

I'll start with the last gift of $20 gift certificate to Sour R Dawgs from my boss! :)


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