We had to go over to the old Warehouse in Zillah. We had a meeting about some music and comedy they are doing.

They have an auction house there. There is always so much stuff inside the old Warehouse the sometimes it's hard to look at everything. They are doing some moving around and so they have things in their back storage.

So is easier to look at things since auction wasn't on that day. I had a blast! They always have so much cool stuff.

One of the chairs that were there look really cool from far away. So I walked up and it turned out that it was really cool.

It was a cannabis chair. I was wondering if it was him or not, so I touched it. It was too soft to be happy it was absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if I would rock that chair in my house, but I do like it.

How about you? Would you put this chair in your house?

Tell us in the comments below.

Townsquare Media/Kelly West
Townsquare Media/Kelly West

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