My first try at it showed a picture of a pregnant lady's tummy with the quote "Understand that you're enjoying yourself." It's weird, vague, creepy and funny. The site uses AI to generate random, and I mean RANDOM inspirational posters. Some of the ones I've seen are a picture of a monkey with the saying "Basing your everyday on science creates loneliness." OK, that in a way makes sense to me ... then there are some cute ones like a picture of a puppy with the saying "Never stop being weird." That's just adorable. Some of the other posters aren't quite so ... inspirational, though.

Some of the not-so-helpful posters include one of a man standing on a sidewalk with the saying "You did not wake up today to get f***ed by tentacles." A man with a hoodie and the slogan "Hurt yourself, you won't regret it." Or probably my favorite of the twisted ... A goldfish in a bowl with the quote "Before inspiration, comes the slaughter."

The AI website boasts that it is "dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence." And to prove its point, I have wasted about 45 minutes so far of my pointless existence laughing my butt off at this site.

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