Ag News: STEM Jobs in Agriculture
Western Growers has released a Careers in Ag Job Center for careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in agriculture, to promote STEM jobs in the produce industry.
How Is Smoking Cigarettes Still A Thing?
I'll admit to having lit up when I was a teenager but fortunately for me I never caught the "habit". I do like a cigar from time to time... once a year when I'm in Vegas maybe. As far as cigarettes go however I have never understood the fascination...
Aliens From Proxima B Could Be Coming To Earth!
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating JUST A LITTLE! I am a super astronomy geek though and aced the subject in college. I've watched both the Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson versions of "Cosmos" and I have the book. So what I heard today put me over the moon...
Are they out there?
Extraterrestrial life has to exist in the universe. Stephen Hawking feels the exact same way. So much so that he has forked out $100 million to search for life on other planets.

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