As you may have read, in his own words last Friday, or heard on the air, today is the last day on the air for a true radio broadcasting legend in Central Washington. Our very own Curt Cartier.

I wanted to publicly tell him what I haven't had the, well... balls to since his life was turned upside down a couple of months ago.

I got a  group text from him that went to a link on Facebook. When I clicked it, the link did not work. As I found out later, it was an invite to his son's celebration of life. I still cannot fathom it, being a father myself, and, truly do not have the vocabulary necessary to express my condolences to Curt.

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Having been in radio in Yakima since June of 1989, I was constantly asked if I knew Curt Cartier. At the time, I did not but as the years passed and the inquiries mounted, I had to wonder just, exactly, who this fellow was.

When Curt finally came back on the air at KATS and I heard him for the first time I immediately said to myself, "Now I know what I have been missing!"

Curt is easily one of, if not the, most unique and creative jocks I have ever heard, let alone worked with. We finally got the chance to work together and I'm better for it.

We got to do some Bike Nights together, hang-out with concert crowds and the like but the best part of getting to know him was knowing that, if and whenever I called him, he would always pick-up and "rap" - precisely what he does best.
We'd talk about work, sports (of course!), our own frustrations in life -- whatever. I always felt better after our convo.

Probably the singular moment that sticks out in my mind the most when hanging out and working with Curt was back in April of 2018 outside the SunDome waiting for the doors to open for a concert by Shinedown. We awarded the first person in line backstage passes unbeknownst to her until Curt informed her live on the air.

What you will see, below, is the very essence of Curt and his enthusiasm for radio broadcasting.

I'll miss hearing you everyday, my friend. You've got my digits. I'll ALWAYS have time for you, no matter what.

May God Bless YOU and your family and I, too, pray for your peace and health.

Keep 'er in the holster, bud.

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