Andor takes us to a totally new part of the Star Wars galaxy, with Diego Luna revealing the early days of Rogue One Rebel leader Cassian Andor. But even though Andor has a whole new story, it’s still steeped in Star Wars lore from the past.

In our latest Star Wars video, we break down all the Easter eggs, hidden references, and little details you might have missed in the first three episodes of Andor, which are now available on Disney+. Did you notice the change to the opening Star Wars intro? Did you catch the meaning of the Andor title card? Did you see that the opening title font on Andor matches the font used in Rogue One, the movie it is a prequel to? Did you spot the connection between Andor and Solo? Want to know what BBY means? Are we the only ones who thought of Wall-E during the early scenes?

Get all those answers, and a whole lot more in the video below:

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