The Yakima Valley goes C-R-A-Z-Y over Crab Feeds. And Traditional Filipino Dinners! And Spaghetti Feeds. And Soul Food Dinners!

If you were raised up eating Soul Food, then you know how to spot the imposters. The way I know that you for sure as h*** don't know how to cook some "real" Soul Food is if I open my mouth and taste your:

  • Dry a** cornbread
  • Gummy mac & cheese (that doesn't have the baked "burnt" cheese on top)
  • Lack of seasonings and/or flavor to the fried chicken

You are wrong for that. Please dust yourself off and try again.

Once in a casual conversation at work, a fellow co-worker asked me what my favorite food is. I told him, "Mac & Cheese--and I'm not talking about the powdered kind from the box. I'm talking about the baked kind."

My co-worker replied, "Hold up, you BAKE it?"

OF COURSE YOU BAKE IT! That's the only way to make REAL mac & cheese...I had to ask the universe to grant me some patience.

Call me a food snob, if you want to, because the title is fitting!

Whenever someone tells me they cooked some Soul Food, I always say, "Hmmph! I'll be the judge of that!" To cook it right, you've got to know how to put enough POW in it! POW!

One place I turn to for the kind of Soul Food that I grew up with (and am homesick for), the kind of food that makes me salivate at the mere thought of some "real" mac & cheese or some "real" cornbread is at the Beauchamp Center. I got an email the other day telling me that there is going to be a Soul Food Dinner hosted by the NAACP (of which I became a member this year) on Sunday, September 8th. When I tell you how excited it made me to read this email...babeeeee!

If you want to experience some "real" fish, fried chicken, Cajun green beans, red beans & rice, corn bread, macaroni & cheese, dessert, AND a drink, then make sure you call Lynda (see the pic below) and reserve your spot for the Soul Food Dinner. Gather up your money, honey!

Courtesy NAACP of Yakima
Courtesy NAACP of Yakima

I know I won't be the only one planning to indulge my cravings for home-cooked soul food. Please don't cut me in line because you don't want to see me when my claws come out. I scratch and I bite!

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