As heard on Todd & Timmy's Friday edition of WTF, a surfer from New Zealand still has all his limbs & digits after a frightening encounter with a 3-meter-long Great White Shark! 60-year-old Nick Minogue from Auckland, New Zealand was catching some waves when a shark brushed up against him and caught him on the side of his elbow.

"I was quite a long way out, there was quite a solid swell running, I was just paddling along and got hit on the side of my elbow and forearm," Minogue told NZHearld. "By the time I realised what was going on its teeth were definitely latched on to the front section of the board."

He had heard that sharks don't like being hit in the eye (who does), and fearing a life & death situation, he fought back. His first punch was unsuccessful, but with his second, "I pulled my fist back and shouted 'f*** off!' again and got it right smack bang in the eye. It's quite a big eye, about three knuckles across, and its eye kind of looked up and rolled up."

He and another surfer who was out in the bay, heard each others screams and both swam for the the shore. Nick, screamed first, to which the other surfer screamed, in hopes to distract, but made Nick think there were multiple sharks in the area. When they both got to the shore, the compared notes and found that Nick was only scratched but his board had taken a couple chomps.

"There was blood dripping out the sleeve of my wetsuit. Thankfully it wasn't too deep. Two teeth put holes in my wetsuit but only one punctured the skin, I've still got an arm and fingers, it could have been a lot worse."

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