Summer weather is breathing down our necks and most water parks are finally open here in Washington state.

By the time the last weekend in June rolls around, we expect the temps to be hitting close to the 90s, if not higher.

This will be the perfect time to head to a top water park in the state and perhaps even cool off at a surf competition.

That’s right, a SURF competition in Washington!



Cool Off at a Hot Surf Competition at This Top WA Water Park

If you haven’t heard of Lakeside Surf, you’re probably not much of a wave rider. There’s a whole community of people who are obsessed with surfing, or at least obsessed with time spent at wave pools for some good old-fashioned ocean surfing simulation.

Seeing that photo gives me flashbacks of the view outside of my hotel room at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. If you stay on one of the upper floors, you can wake up before sunrise and watch the hotel staff do safety checks on the FlowRider® surf simulator every morning.

Flowrider at Planet Hollywood
Flowrider at Planet Hollywood via Google Maps

The Battle of the Butte surf competition is coming to Lakeside Surf (106 Waterslide Dr, Chelan) on Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th. The event is open to anyone who wants to surf.

On Friday, surfers get 10 seconds to show off their tricks. There will be multiple heats on Friday to determine who makes it to the finals on Saturday. More info on the website.

For those of us who don’t surf but love to watch the competitions, we can watch the shenanigans for free because Lakeside surf is a no-cost surf park!

Lakeside Surf

106 Waterslide Dr, Chelan, WA 98816


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