Arctic Circle is a main-stay restaurant for as long as I can remember in Yakima. From cheeseburgers to a large variety of shakes to many people's first introduction to 'fry sauce', it's a wonderful place. What I didn't know is that Yakima has the last remaining Arctic Circle in Washington state.

Originating from Salt Lake City, Utah, Arctic Circle has franchised out several restaurants throughout the west including several locations in Utah and Idaho, a couple in Oregon and even one in Nevada and a couple in Wyoming.

Washington state, however, only one has one and it's right here in Yakima, Washington.
I remember we used to have another location on North First, but it has since closed.

So for all of the 'man, I wish we had all of these other restaurants in town', know that we do have an Arctic Circle while most places don't. And that's a wonderful thing.

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