Finding a job today might be easier than it has been in the past. So many places are hiring, but finding a job you like and enjoy is an issue for many people. So not only are we competing with ourselves for our dream job, but we are also competing with everyone else, seeking that job. Well, now it looks like a specific company is broadening its hiring options slightly.

It just goes to show that great minds think alike. The picture (above) was submitted by Kenton Gartrell, who was amused by it. I, too, saw the same reader board at the Artic Circle at the corner of 40th Ave and Nob Hill Blvd and snapped my own picture. I wasn't so much amused but concerned about how hiring Fruit Shakes could possibly replace a human who would be better at the job.

Artic Circle reader Board

I was unable to reach the management at the local Artic Circle (mainly because this is a satire article, so there's really no reason to bother them at their place of business). Still, I wonder if this is a deliberate action or perhaps a missed place "comma" is to blame.

An employee that I was able to talk to (she didn't work at Artic Circle, but at the Vet clinic down the street, and also she didn't exist) wondered if perhaps the reader board was screwed up by a FAKE fruit shake. Thus, that fruit shake was fired for their incompetence, and the restaurant is done with posers, hence why it is hiring REAL Fruit Shakes.

More on this story as it develops... but it probably won't.

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