Heads up, there are hunters out and about.

Some are scouting for elk and deer seasons in the fall, but some are on the hunt for bear.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, general hunting seasons for black bear open Aug. 1 in the Coastal, Puget Sound, North and East Cascades zones, and Aug. 15 in the South Cascades and Okanogan zones, as shown on page 67 of the Big Game Hunting pamphlet.

Hunters are allowed two bear during the general season, but wildlife managers remind hunters that only one bear can be taken in eastern Washington. Hunters are also urged to avoid shooting sows with cubs.

The woods are crowded this time of year with hikers and bear hunters will also share the field with other big-game hunters scouting early-season hunts for deer, elk and cougar beginning in September.

“This is a good time to locate game animals and get the lay of the land, particularly if you’re planning to hunt a new area,” said Mick Cope, WDFW deputy assistant wildlife director. “But it can get hot out there in August, so it’s important to stay hydrated and be aware of fire danger.”

Some Yakima area hunters have told us that it is "scary dry" in places that are usually green this time of year.

Remember, smoking is bad for hunting anyway and this year could end up causing a major fire to break out. Use an abundance of caution when on the hunt this August and September.

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