It has been over 13 years since I took a belly dancing class in Yakima. It is hard to believe it was in 2009 and oh, how time flies! I took the belly dancing class at the old Allied Arts building over there at what now remains as Gilbert Park in Yakima (5000 W Lincoln Ave). The teacher was a glorious young woman named Sabra. She used to teach belly dancing classes there all the time but had stopped long before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Guess what? If you have been asking yourself can you really find a belly dancing class anymore in Yakima, the answer is YES!

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I was scrolling through the events in my Facebook feed and noticed that Sabra is finally offering her amazing belly dancing class in Yakima once again but I had just missed the deadline (the class was on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30 p.m.). I have been waiting for this moment and I was raising my fist to the sky that I had missed it. Grrr!


The first and only time I took a belly dancing class was with Sabra, and I did so on a whim. I was feeling blah about myself and my self-esteem was pretty low at the time. I took a few lessons with Sabra and ended up getting a boy(toy) within just a few weeks!

Belly Dancing Classes in Yakima at Yoga Collective
Simon Hurry on Unsplash

The belly dancing classes Sabra offers typically last for about an hour and you can wear whatever you like. When I first started the class, I did not have any special belly dancing gear or outfits so don't worry if you show up in yoga pants and a comfy t-shirt. I do, however, recommend that you wear something flowy and an outfit that makes you feel kinda sexy. Belly dancing, after all, is a very sensuous affair!

I'm not saying that taking a belly dancing class with Sabra is the cure to attracting a new romantic partner in your life, but if it worked for me once, I'm willing to try it again!

I can't wait the next Tuesday (May 31st) when the next belly dancing class will be offered at the Yoga Collective in Yakima!

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