Top-down PC gaming has never looked so retro and beautiful at the same time.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that Capybara Game's minimalist beauty, Below, is officially coming to PC. Below's peculiar camera is placed in a top-down perspective and is pulled back as far as possible. Combined with how simple the game's graphics are, Below results in a distinct aesthetic that is absolutely gorgeous. It really focuses on how small your character is when compared to the massive locales you will be exploring.

In this teaser trailer, we witness Below's simple premise: your boat washes ashore and you enter a giant cave, seeking refuge. What you don't realize is just how immense the inside of this cave truly is. Originally, Below was slated as an exclusive for Xbox One, but the very last scene of this trailer says it all. Just as your character is seen exploring the insides of this massive cave, he finds a wall with a mysterious symbol that he wouldn't recognize, but most PC gamers would -- the Steam logo, which hints at how we'll be able to play Capy's title via PC.