Man, that must burn! Sitting back on a Saturday night, relaxing, playing some video games and just trying to unwind after a long hard week of life. There you are, playing Mortal Kombat, fighting against Raiden, then next thing you know, he does a special move on the screen, and suddenty your hands hurt and they feel tingly! Did you just get shocked by God of Thunder?

Well, it wasn't a finishing move or any type of special move that a Robertson County, Tennessee man experienced this past weekend. It was a lightening strike that hit his house or nearby according to emergency crews. The man was not seriously injured, but wanted to be checked out, just to be sure.

The part of this story that is not totally clear, is how did he get shocked? Most video game controllers are wireless now days. That being said, he could have been playing an older console that still had the controllers connected via a wire, or perhaps playing on one of those "retro mini" systems. Maybe he had a charge cord for the controller hooked up? Or for all we know maybe it was on PC, and his cord was plugged into his computer. I wish the emergency/news crews would have got this vital detail, so us nerds can better safe guard ourselves and our extra lives from a lightening strikes!

One thought that did occur to me, what if that gamer in Tennessee is actually "Noobmaster69", the video gamer threat that Thor had to threaten in Marvel's Avengers Endgame film! If Noobmaster69 ticked off the God of Thunder one more time, I could see him getting shocked!

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