If you've ever played poker or bet on a sporting event, you surely have experienced a "bad beat".
ESPN Sports Center host Scott Van Pelt has made an almost nightly segment out of spotlighting the gambler's lament. A "bad beat" is when an unlikely or meaningless play occurs that causes a bettor to lose their wager in spectacular fashion.

This occurred Monday night (December 1) to a person that placed $500,000 on the Seattle Seahawks who were listed at the MGM sportsbook as 6.5 point favorites. The bettor stood to win over $450,000 if the Hawks could cover the spread. Which they were doing... Until the final two plays of the game.

Leading the Philadelphia Eagle 23-9 with just seconds left to play, Philly QB Carson Wentz hoisted a prayer into the endzone. It was answered when the ball was batted into the arms of WR Richard Rodgers. The Eagles went for, and converted, a 2-point conversion on the last play of the contest to bring the final score to 23-17, subsequently blowing a seemingly sure win for many bettors. For the MGM wagerer, that is nearly a $1,000,000 swing in a matter of a few fateful moments.

The best way to double your money in a casino? Fold it in half and walk out.

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