I'm a huge fan of breakfast cereal and even have a few classic boxes from my childhood. Bigg Mixx was from Kellogg's back in 1990 and it was one I had to grab as it has ties to the Yakima Valley.

On the side of the box it tells the story of Bigg Mixx:

Combine the wild appetites of a wolf, a moose, a pig and a chicken and you have Bigg Mixx -- the legendary Chicken-wolf-Moose-pig of the Yakima Valley.

The story goes on to mention how a Yakima native, Travis Uddlebock, spotted this creature while hiking near Toppenish Creek which is another actual area near Mud Lake. Not sure why they didn’t use Mud Lake -- that sounds more like a place where a creature would be from but loved that they used our local landmarks that are just obscure enough that it may be true.

Naturally, they made all that up just to sell the cereal, but it was fun that we had something that was linked to the Yakima Valley. It was a pretty interesting breakfast cereal, too. It was a blend of corn flakes, wheat flakes, rice flakes oats and optional raisins. And the box had over a pound of cereal. None of this overly-puffed up cereal with half the bag full of air.

Anything with Yakima involved is always worth mentioning. I wish we still had this. Maybe it'll return some day.

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