From the world of self-driving cars and drones comes the next step toward our Terminator/Matrix human-absent future ... riderless motorcycles! Thanks to BMW, the future is now! The first thought I had when I saw the video is ... WHY? If it's used strictly to transport stuff in busy high-traffic areas, I can see it. Otherwise, what is the use of this? I can see driver-less cars transporting people ... but with a bike, that is just one person! Even if it's to transport someone who can't drive or is drunk, they probably wouldn't have the balance to handle it. Only thing this can possibly be used for (in my opinion) is to make faster drones for the terminators to gun us down like that one scene in "Terminator Salvation." Luckily, this isn't meant for roads, but for safety research. Check out the promo video from BMW below.

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